Taxi from Athens airport to Costa Navarino

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Paradise on Earth, or else ... Costa Navarino!

Our country, which is in fact continuously developed the last years, there are some destinations that were not so famous as they are today. That is due to hard work of hoteliers, personal vision,  the real estate professionals and generally due to all those who are dealing with tourism and leisure services. So, places like Messinia is now very qualitative and complete option.
The Costa Navarino, is nowadays a destination that is more and more famous among those who arrive at the "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport, looking for a place to spend their holidays and enjoy special local services that will not find anywhere else.
But what do we mean by saying «Costa Navarino»? A name that seems exotic, but it describes a place even more exotic and magical. Costa Navarino is a luxury resort, divided into sectors, each of which is for different audiences and cover a variety of needs.
Navarino Dunes is an area where there are hotels and luxury resort residences, while the Navarino Bay is the prime piece of beachfront. However, Costa Navarino is many more things. There, is the place where one can deal with the sophisticated sport of golf, playing either on the hills located around (Dunes Course) or playing to fields that is located by the sea (Bay Course). All players are being taught and trained by the Navarino Golf Academy.
Many other sports and pursuits are available to all visitors. Sports like outdoor and water sports, basketball, bowling, driving karting, tennis, diving, water skiing and more. And after all these, there is nothing better than a visit to Anazoe Spa. An elaiotherapeia that comes from antiquity, based on a recipe found in the palace of Nestor and date back to Homeric times.
Costa Navarino is not lacking in either ... gastronomic sector, since it has its own set of products called “Navarino Icons”, based on the Messinian land traditions. With raw materials from olive groves and fields in the area and packaging-carvings from the artists hands, the resort's guests rarely leave without take away something from this series, whether it is oil and olives or fruit preserves, honey , pastels and other desserts.
Someone can have access to Costa Navarino, either by road or by boat, from Patras, because Kalamata has one of the best ports in the country.
The easiest way of course is to approach by air, since many European cities such as Paris, Moscow, Kiev, Dusseldorf, Stockholm are connected directly  to the nearest airport. However, the most quick way is the one that connects two ... “names” .From "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport in a few time one can reach Kalamata airport  'Vasilis Konstantakopoulos "and from there to the luxury resort. It is worth also to be noted that Costa Navarino has a private helipad, where all guests may have the chance after consultation to rent a helicopter to enjoy the view from above.
For all these reasons and for many others, such as events, cultural activities, shopping, and the Navarino Natural Hall. This is an  inconceivable beauty interactive environmental center with cological interest, especially for children. Costa Navarino is an experience that everyone should enjoy, if only once in their lives!

Taxi from Athens airport to Porto Heli

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“ With a taxi from Athens airport  to Porto Heli ”! A luxury and rapidly rising touristic destination!

Greece is a country that has the privilege to be a very popular touristic destination. Many people come to Greece again and again to experience something new every time from "this place the small, the great" as it had been said by the great Odysseus Elytis. Those who insist visiting Greece, know very well that Greece is not only the Acropolis and Plaka and certainly is many more from Mykonos and Santorini. The visitor can choose among a huge range of destinations across the country such as  the mountains or the sea, entertainment or seclusion, luxury or naturalist.
Arriving at "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport and Attica, you can notice how close to the Peloponnese are that is a place with many options for the next station.
Porto Heli in Argolida is certainly one of these destinations.
The village of Hermionid municipality that is located by the sea, is only 85 kilometers away from Nafplion, the first capital of the Greek state. Porto Heli promises not only relaxing holidays for families and friends but also gathering the preference of those who own a boat, as it has spacious harbor with excellent infrastructure.
Porto Heli is definitely an historic area. Etymology, its name come from linguistic corruption of Fishermen name, the ancient settlement that once stood in that place and ruins still survive till today.
The fishermen changed to “Xalieis” and then to “ Heli”. And since this coastal area had a harbor, it took the qualifier "Porto" and the name changed to the current Porto Heli.
Porto Heli has a population of around 2,000 inhabitants in the Peloponnese. It is not only a modern and well organized tourist resort but also a starting point to get to know and other places, because from that port is departing regularly small ships, mainly going to the islands of the Saronic Gulf but the coast of Tyros and Leonidio.
Porto Heli is full of luxury hotels and villas, it has many popular sandy beaches, such as “Ververonda” with its beach bars, the “Hinitsa” with pines and the “Mosquito” beach. The area of Agios Emilianos is also very beautiful from where you can see Spetses and many Greeks and foreigners have their cottages there. Around Porto Heli there are areas such as Costa, with its luxurious villas, Kranidi with windmills, St. Anne pine forest and the picturesque village of Valley with the fishing boats, famous for its shrimps.
As for as its cuisine is concerned, you can taste almost all the marine world if you visit one of the taverns of this idyllic resort. Porto Heli, apart from its other benefits is very close to Attica and is it is often a touristic stop for those arriving at the airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" and does not want to stay in the capital or to travel to the islands.

Taxi from/to Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" or center to/from Lavrio port

lavrioTravel by taxi in comfort from Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos" up to Lavrio port

These recent years, Lavrion is constantly growing port and is serving more and more travelers who want to escape to an island in the Aegean sea. Although Lavrio, has less fame and less arrivals/departures from Piraeus port, it has managed to be the "rival" of the seaport of Attica and claim a share of the pie of tourists who want to travel by sea, go on cruise, or even rent a personal yacht.

Taxi from Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Piraeus port

piraeus port

From the Aegean waves up to the air with a taxi!!!

All the tourists who are visiting Greece for vacation, prefer to live all together "sun, sea and fun" especially when they are young instead of visiting our monuments and admiring our civilization. So, the first thing you have to do is to book a taxi waiting for you at Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to take to Piraeus port.

Taxi from Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Syntagma Square or Plaka until you say … taxi

syntagma athens

We the Greeks and especially the Athenians, we have the privilege of living in the most historic city of the world.  We are indeed so lucky living in a city that willy-nilly it’s been advertised to foreigners from their student years already, thanks to its’ long history. Most tourists who are visiting "Athens center", especially the philhellenes want to admire the historic center and visit its’ monuments.
Arriving at Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", the visitor from abroad, most of the times wants to visit Athens center and Syntagma square.  Some others want to go to Piraeus port in order to visit Aegean and Ionian islands. In the first case, he has already made a reservation to a nice hotel at down town and he just wants to rest from his flight and before meeting the beauties of the center of Athens.